SCUM PvE Server

Join the SCUM Server!

Search the in-game server browser for "BushLeagueHQ"

  • PvE only in outer ring (with some exceptions - see map below)

    • Your personal locks are unpickable by other players, so your loot will be secure (except in specific PvP zones like the big city, naval base, and trainyard).

  • Mildly Increased loot

  • Increased drops

  • Increased vehicle spawns

  • Mildly increased puppets

  • Are there Mechs? - Yes (Mech bullets at central airport deal no damage)

  • No bot shop

  • Friendly atmosphere

  • Server restarts @ 3AM & 3PM CST

We are open to making adjustments to the server settings based on player feedback.

What is SCUM?

SCUM is a multiplayer open world survival game developed and published by Gamepires.

Now for a little fun...